NOTE:  This site only contains updates for RER and REN model radios.


  • Your iPhone 4 does not always connect to the uConnect system.
  • Your iPhone 3G worked fine, but since you upgraded to the iPhone 4 you are having problems with uConnect.
  • When your iPhone 4 does connect the call audio bounces back and forth between the phone and the uConnect system.
  • When you connect your iPhone 4 to the factory iPod cable located in the “Glove Compartment” you get a message saying the device is not compatible.


What to Expect When I Install the Update

  • Updates on this site are for RER and REN model radios.
  • This is a factory update to the uConnect system that you can download immediately with a paid membership.
  • Your iPhone 4 will connect perfectly to your uConnect system every time.
  • When you take or make a call your iPhone 4 will stay connected until you disconnect it or end the call.
  • When you take a call with your iPhone 4 connected to the uConnect system you will be able to switch between the uConnect system and your iPhone by pressing the appropriate button on your iPhone.
  • You will be able to connect your iPhone 4 to the factory cable (if equiped) located inside the “Glove Compartment” and listen to music on your iPhone through your vehicles audio system.


What Can I Expect as a Member

  • You will get instant access to the download area where you can download the update for your Dodge or Chrysler uConnect system.
  • You will have access to step by step video and written instructions on how to download the files and burn them to a Compact Disc.
  • You will have access to step by step video and written instruction on how to update your uConnect system once you have the Compact Disc.
  • You will only be billed once for the membership fee.  This is not a recurring charge.
  • This is very easy to do and you can have your uConnect system updated today!


For a 1 time membership fee of $19.97,

you will have access to the instant download area.

Receive INSTANT access with your paid membership.


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